Building an Army in CryptoCrusades

Building an Army in CryptoCrusades

As a game centered around grand strategy, building the right army for the right purpose is a very important part of playing CryptoCrusades. With 11 different Units to choose from when outfitting your army, it can get a little overwhelming when
figuring out which types are suited for different kinds of purposes. To help our Leaders build the army of their dreams, let’s go into the different kinds of Attack and Defense Missions, as well as some different strategies.


Harvesting Resources is all fine and dandy, but isn’t it much more satisfying when you can get them through the spoils of war? If you enjoy taking candy from babies, then Thieving Missions should be your bread and butter! The goal is to get together a suitable band of Units for the purpose of overwhelming the enemy and plundering their Settlements for Resources and perhaps even the odd piece of Gold.

Strategies: There are a couple of different strategies for Thieve Missions. For those in favor of quick hit-and-run techniques, build up a host of Light Cavalry to attack smaller Towns and quickly nab smaller amounts of resources. If you want to really strike it big, recruit a few Wagons and send them out with a formidable fighting force with plenty of Heavy Cavalry and Sword Infantry, which will not only soak up damage but also supplement the loot Thieved by the army. If you want to loot Gold, send your Thieve Missions to Capital Cities with some Light Cavalry to cut down the Archers likely to be defending the walls (don’t forget your Wagons!).

Conquering Towns

If taking candy from a baby isn’t enough, why not go for the whole enchilada? Conquer Missions are for those who fancy themselves to be Alexander or Cyrus the Great, expanding their empires by taking every piece of land that catches their eye. The goal is to raise a formidable fighting force in order to overwhelm the defenders of an enemy’s Town and absorb it into your Empire.

Strategies: With Conquer Missions, there are a couple of different approaches that you could take based on the types of Units that are guarding the Town you have your eye on. Whatever you do, make sure that you take a Settler with you, otherwise you won’t be able to set up shop once you’re finished cleaning house! Any given Town is liable to have lots of Infantry and Ranged Units defending it, so a balanced army is advised. It also makes sense to bring plenty of 2-Handed Infantry to clear other Infantry Units, Light Cavalry to clear out Ranged Units, and Heavy Archers to penetrate the armor of Units with sturdier defense.

Razing Towns

Hey buddy, that’s a nice Town you got there! Be a shame if something happened to it…

Raze Missions are self-explanatory. Don’t like a Leader’s Town? Don’t have a Settler handy? No problem! Just get yourself a good old battering ram and bring it all down! The goal is assembling a wrecking crew to attack and destroy enemy Towns.

Strategies: Much like Conquer Missions, Raze Missions focus on putting together a fighting force that can completely overwhelm the defenses of an enemy Town. In order to Raze a Town, the attacking army must bring along a Siege Unit to breach the Town’s defenses. Additionally, you should bring along a lot of Sword Infantry and Heavy Cavalry to bolster your army’s defenses. Light Calvary will do swift work on any defending Ranged Units, and 2-Handed Infantry will take care of any defending Infantry Units.

Defending Your Territory

Playing war isn’t just about going and kicking over someone else’s sand castle: you gotta make sure that your own sand castles don’t get knocked down either! Each Settlement in your Empire, from the humble farming Town to the mighty Capital City, is a nice, juicy target for other Leaders. It’s in your best interest, therefore, to make sure that each Settlement is well-defended and able to Strike First!

Strategies: Strike First allows you to choose which Units you want to pit against an attacking army. It’s important to put together a fighting force that can effectively counter the makeup of the attacking army while leaving out more vulnerable Units. For example, it might be a good idea to leave out Calvary from a Strike First force if the enemy army has lots of Spear Infantry.

While Cavalry are great for attacking Settlements, Infantry and Ranged Units play the biggest role in Settlement defense. Each type of Infantry Unit has a small defensive bonus when defending their Settlement, and the bonus is even higher for Ranged Units. It’s advised to have an even mix of Archers and Heavy Archers to make use of the defensive buffs as well as pierce enemy armor. Sword Infantry can help take damage that would go towards other Units, and Spear Infantry can help defend your Ranged Units from any pesky Cavalry Units.

If you’re interested in sharing your own strategies for building an army in CryptoCrusades, head to our Discord sever and talk shop with our wonderful community!