What is CryptoCrusades?
CryptoCrusades is a free-to-play blockchain mobile grand strategy game.
CryptoCrusades was influnced by a range of classic strategy games including Civilization, Total War, and Grepolis.

When will CryptoCrusades be available? Is there any early access?
CryptoCrusades is expected to be released in 2021 Q4 / 2022 Q1.
CryptoCrusades is available now for testing as an Alpha. Anyone can sign up and download the Alpha for CryptoCrusades on our website: https://www.cryptocrusades.io/

Will CryptoCrusades be free to play? CryptoCrusades will be free to play, but also have in-app purchases & NFT trading.

I want to try out the Alpha. How do I get my hands on the game?

1. Sign up on https://www.cryptocrusades.io/ using a valid email

2. Wait for an email from us containing instructions for installing the game

3. Follow instructions for iOS/Android to download the game

How does CryptoCrusades use blockchain technology?

CryptoCrusades is a dapp (decentralized app). The Unity-built program interfaces with our smart contracts. Whenever the player executes an action that modifies any kind of data (such as attacking others, gaining or spending resources, etc.), the operation and the data are executed and stored on-chain instead of being executed directly in the client and then being pushed to an external server. Like all dapps, CryptoCrusades is ownership-driven – meaning that no one, in some cases not even the developers, can modify what belongs to other players. Additionally, in keeping with the notion of total transparency that traditional cryptocurrency projects often adhere to, all game data on CryptoCrusades is publicly available to everyone.

Does CryptoCrusades have its own cryptocurrency or NFTs? Will there be an ICO for CryptoCrusades?

CryptoCrusades currently does not have its own ERC20 cryptocurrency token. 

The game incorporates the use of NFTs to allow for true ownership of assets. With the power of NFTs, players will be able to trade in-game items, from architecture sets and unit skins to Heroes, Relics, and Genesis Cities.