Earn Crypto from your pocket! Playing on mobile makes it easy to manage your empire on-the-go.

CryptoCrusades, launching on iOS and Android, is one of the few blockchain strategy games truly designed for mobile platforms.

Invest ETH. Earn Gold. Exchange for Crypto.

CyrptoCrusades is built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. Why? Because it means you own your cities, and your assets are secure. Gold is an in-game resource that can be exchanged for ETH*. In other words, CryptoCrusades is both a game and an investment platform.

Earn Gold through trading, battling, and crafting NFTs! Most importantly, once you begin playing, you’ll get daily airdrops of Gold for free.

Battle and trade to expand your empire!

CryptoCrusades, as a grand strategy game, takes place on a hex-tile Earth. With 5 unique Classes, there are a variety of ways to run a successful empire: as a Warrior, Guardian, Merchant, Artisan, or Farmer. Choose your class and conquer!

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Gabriel Meredith
Founder, CEO

John Constantine Tobin
Narrative Designer

Melanie Meredith
Office Management Advisor

Sherman Meredith
Blockchain Advisor

Chaojun Xu
3D Artist

Yaoming Lou
Lead Programmer

Mengyao Wang
Programmer &
Marketing Coordinator

Huangzhi Tang
2D Artist