What is CryptoCrusades?

CryptoCrusades is an upcoming strategy empire game for iOS and Android. 

Construct buildings, trade resources, and battle other civilizations to grow your blockchain empire!

Manage your empire on-the-go.

CryptoCrusades, launching on iOS and Android, is one of the few hex-grid empire building strategy games truly designed for mobile platforms.

Built on the Ethereum network. 

You own your cities, and your in-game assets are secure. Gold, for example, is an in-game resource.  Unlike “Gems” in traditional mobile games, Gold can be bought or earned through trading, battling, and crafting NFTs!

Battle and trade, expand your empire.

CryptoCrusades, as a grand strategy game, takes place on a hex-tile Earth. With 5 unique Classes, there are a variety of ways to run a successful empire: as a Warrior, Guardian, Merchant, Artisan, or Farmer. Choose your class and conquer!



Merfolk Games, Co., Ltd. founded in Hong Kong.

Seed funding secured.


Mingdao Studios (subsidiary) established in Shanghai.

Development begins.

Present game at Blockchain Gamer Connects conference in Hong Kong.


First Genesis City auctions.

Alpha testing begins for android.


Expanded alpha testing.

Development of core game features.

*Android Testers must sign up with a Gmail account